One man’s tribute to the challenges of Medical Field Engineers

This is one man’s tribute to Medical Device Field Engineers, the challenges they face and how they navigate the challenges with a smile.


In the intricate dance of medical device field engineering, field engineers emerge as unsung heroes, as their roles extend far beyond technical prowess. Amidst the whirlwind of responsibilities, from planning visits and travels to ensuring exceptional customer experiences, these dedicated professionals navigate each challenge with resilience and a smile.

Roberto Aghaei Field Service Engineer Lead BD IDS Nordic

Medical Device Field Engineers and their vital role

Field engineering team leaders

At the heart of this journey, the role of leaders stands as a pillar of strength. These leaders, often unsung themselves, play a crucial part in shaping the engineers’ experience. This is because they offer guidance, provide unwavering support, and pave the way for success in the face of adversity, and field service engineer challenges.

Challenges in field service engineering and the adaptability of field engineers

In a world brimming with complexity, field engineers wear the badge of adaptability proudly. They seamlessly transition from technical trouble shooters to empathetic communicators, addressing the diverse needs of colleagues, customers, and managers. Moreover, balancing mental challenges and demanding schedules, they approach each interaction with a genuine smile. In addition, they always show an understanding of the profound impact their work has on patient care.

Roberto Aghaei Field Service Engineer Team Lead at BD with colleague in PPE

The importance of field service engineers

The importance of field engineers cannot be overstated. Their commitment to excellence extends to meticulously planning visits and travels, as well as ensuring equipment functions flawlessly. Every action is a testament to their dedication to creating a seamless healthcare experience. Additionally, these range from bustling urban clinics to the quiet corners of rural healthcare facilities.

Leaders as mentors

The support of leaders plays an integral role in amplifying the engineers’ impact. This is because, these leaders, mentors in disguise, foster a culture of collaboration and growth. They listen with empathy, offer solutions, and inspire field engineers to persevere even in the face of adversity. Through their guidance, leaders encourage the engineers to find solace in the support of their colleagues. This then creates a network that acts as a lifeline during challenging times.

Reflection on the challenges in field service engineering

As the sun sets on each day, field engineers reflect on their journey with a mix of exhaustion and fulfilment. The smiles they carry are not merely façades but symbols of their unwavering commitment to providing the best possible service. The role of leaders, often working behind the scenes, is an essential ingredient in this recipe for success. Their mentorship and advocacy for work-life balance ensure that the field engineers remain steadfast, their smiles genuine and their spirits unbroken.


In the symphony of medical device field engineering, field engineers are the virtuosos, playing their roles with precision and heart. They harmonize technical expertise with human connection, weaving a narrative of dedication that uplifts the healthcare landscape. Supported by leaders who recognize their value, field engineers continue to brave challenges. They brave these challenges armed with nothing but their smiles and an unyielding determination to make a difference.

The author

Roberto Aghaei works for BD (Becton Dickinson) and is the Field Service Engineer Team Lead for IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Solutions) Nordic. He is based in the Oslo area of Norway.

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