Field Service Engineer Skills

Field Service Engineer meeting client

As a Field Engineer how important is it to look after the customer before you fix the technical issue?

The answer from Field Service Engineers with many years in the field is ‘very’, so here are some tips for achieving this.

Firstly, you’re there because the customer has your company’s equipment, so take time to connect
Imagine how you feel as a customer so involve the customer in what you are going to do
Endeavour to act as an ambassador for your company and build a relationship
Look smart and professional and appear confident and capable even if things are not going smoothly
Don’t stop being punctual even if you’re on site for a long time; the customer will feel they’re your priority

Stay professional even when off duty
Ensure that you keep learning from the customer and pass insights back to your company
Report the technical issue clearly and summarise to the customer before you leave
Visibly show patience and calmness
If you can’t fix or finish on your first visit, then leave a clear map of what you will do next
Consider the wants and needs of your customer throughout the time you are with them
Everlasting – Keep the customer happy to be using your services – Once a customer, always a customer

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